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When I saw the crocheted wheelchair cover on instagram a few months ago, I was dismayed by how much it cost—even though it was more than fair for all the labor. I talked about it with Brad’s Aunt Nancy, who suggested that I ask friends to help me crochet enough granny squares to make one on my own. So I put out the call to my friends and family, and they delivered!

Thank you to my friends Sabrina, Karin, Emily, and Aunt Nancy for helping me by crocheting squares for my chair. I learned to crochet and did some squares, too! Over the past week I’ve been piecing the squares together, and today the elastic cord arrived to finalize it. It turned out beautifully!

Below are some pictures of the wheelchair cover, which has crocheted squares in shades of pink, purple, and turquoise. I will briefly describe below the contributions that everyone made…

Sabrina made the most squares, and they are a combination of pastel and bright colors. Each one is different with various lacy patterns, stars, flowers, moons, and everything in between.

Karin had her mom crochet a few mauve and white squares, one of which has a Mickey head in the middle of it!

Emily made one large square the size of four small squares in a pale pink color that is very lacy.

Nancy made me a square with variegated yarn that is purple, blue, and pink.

I made multiple of three types of squares. One is a light purple, one is variegated purple and green, and the last is a flower pattern with deeper hues of pink, purple, turquoise, and white.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, and those who cheered me on! I love it!

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  • Anonymous

    I love it too! What a nice way to make a fashion statement and be surrounded with love from people close to you. Am I the only one who sees The Child when looking at the 2nd photo?