Pretty Pettus scouting

On Saturday, Brad and I took Felix and went to the Lindsay Pettus Greenway in Lancaster. That’s where one of the NAMI walks will be next month, and Brad is taking pictures at the walk and wanted to check out the angles of the sun and the trail there. Last time we tried going, we were rained out.

It was a really gorgeous day! It was about 84 degrees. Most of the trail is in dappled shade, but some parts are in the sun.

We started out on the walkway and pavilion area, and headed down to a gravel and sand trail that is a side-shoot off of the main trail. It was really in the woods and shady there. It was very beautiful. I did get stuck in the gravel at one point, but I was able to get out of my chair and push it while using the joystick and get myself unstuck.

Then we came back out on the main trail and it was pretty sunny so I got out my pink parasol and Felix’s cooling vest. Pretty soon we were back in the shade, though, on another beautifully wide raised wooden walkway.

Felix was so good on the trail. Even though he wasn’t working, he did a good job of staying next to me instead of going out in front of me. I let him be further away from me than usual so he could sniff and such.

Brad got loads of pretty pictures of me and Felix, and a lot more that I’m not posting of what the area looks like, angles of the sun, etc. The pictures are below. In them, I’m wearing a slightly orangey-pink dress. Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin, and part of the time he’s wearing a purple plaid harness, and the rest of the time he has a popsicle-themed cooling vest on. Brad is wearing orange pants, a grey shirt, and a blue vest. Most of the pictures have some sort of color or prism reflection along the edges. Sometimes Brad uses a mirror to reflect the trees or clouds into the picture.

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