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This week, we set up a new backdrop that simulates “bokeh balls”, which is when points of light in a photo are out of focus and are glowing balls (“bokeh” is a term for nature of the out of focus part of a picture). It is a bokeh backdrop of sand, and it is turquoise and very pretty. It seemed beachy, so Brad and I set up a beach-themed photo shoot!

We did a series of four outfit changes for me, and three for Brad, with a variety of dogs. In the first combination, Brad is wearing a small 70s style swimsuit with a red bowtie and a black bowler hat. I am wearing a teal tankini top and a teal and purple swim skirt with a purple feather headband. We have Hestia on my lap for these pictures. We started out taking some serious looking pictures of us looking into the camera or at each other without smiling. Then we have some of us smiling, and Alice joins in on the fun.

Next up, Brad stayed in his outfit, while I changed into a bright light blue swim dress with pink flowers. We had Felix wear a blue hat and Alice wore a pink one. Hestia joined in the fun a bit later on with a pink and purple mermaid swimsuit. We took a picture of Brad using a fire extinguisher to “spray” purple hearts on me, and Brad put on swim goggles and pretended to swim.

Then Brad changed into blue speedos with a blue bowtie and a straw hat with blue palm trees on it. I wore a bikini with a skirt that is purple paisley. Alice joined us in her purple mermaid bikini. You might not be able to tell from the pictures, but it has a triangle top like human bikinis do.

For the final human costume change, Brad changed into another short 70s swimsuit (in blue this time) and I changed into an orange flowy swim dress and had a purple parasol as a prop. Felix was part of the pictures, but not super enthused about it—he was basically a ball of fluff. Alice stayed with Brad in her bikini. She’s okay as long as she’s in his lap!

Then it was time for some doggy closeups, which obviously had the most photos LOL. We dressed all three dogs in matching turquoise and purple mermaid scale pajamas that Sabrina gave us. We set up a folding table and put a purple towel on it. Last time we used this table, Felix fell off onto the backdrop we draped onto it. So he was not at all into these pictures. We snapped a few with all three dogs in them.

But soon we decided it was too much for Felix. So we put him down and focused on Hestia and Alice. They were having a blast eating treats while getting their pictures snapped!

Brad decided to give each dog some time to model on their own, and eager Hestia the diva was up first. She had a wonderful time modeling for Brad and we got loads of great shots. Hestia is a black and white Japanese Chin with asymmetrical markings. She has white over one eye and color over the other which is called a clown face in Chin.

Alice was next up, and he got some wonderful pictures of her. She is sable and white. Sable means that her colored parts are a reddish brown with black tips. She also has a clown face.

Finally, it was Felix’s turn. We took the folding table away and laid the towel on the floor. At first he didn’t want to be on the towel at all, but with some treats he worked through it. Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin with a symmetrical face. We got some really good shots of Felix, and the girls because of course if there were treats involved and they could reach them, they wanted them!

After taking pictures of the dogs, we got a few pictures of my new hearing aid covers. My sister and Linden got them for me for my birthday! They are light purple sparkly material around the body of the hearing aid with iridescent dragonfly wing beads sewn on the back.

And finally, it was time to put everything away. Brad got a few behind the scenes shots of the setup, and you can see that the pups were still trying to find treats on the purple towel on the floor LOL! We had a really fun photo shoot, and I can’t wait until we can do it again!

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