Felix’s first Sam’s Club

We had to go to Sam’s Club today to get a new battery. When we went out to the car to leave, of course our car wouldn’t start (see my previous post). We asked our neighbor to give us a jump, and at first he tried his car jumping machine, but it was out of battery. Then he tried to drive his car over, but his car had problems with its battery, too! So he got his wife’s car and drove up next to us and gave us a jump. He is very kind!

We made it to Sam’s and dropped the car off. Then we headed inside. I decided to work Felix on the floor. He’s not worked on the floor for a long period of time before, and he’s not been in a grocery store for long, either. I was watching him and ready to pick him up if he was overwhelmed, or to leave. But he did such a good job!!!!!!

He did a great job heeling for most of the store. He does have a problem in that he wants to go over to people who we are passing. He still needs leave-it’s for that. Brad got a video of us in the produce and bakery section of the store! In it, we heel down one aisle and up the next.

Next we headed to the most difficult part of the store—the fresh prepared food section that has cheese, salsa, and other easy to make refrigerated foods. This section was extremely crowded and Felix did so well!!!! He had to squeeze through narrow spaces and around carts and people, and he did a great job. I got him a whole ton of string cheese to use for training LOL!

We went to look for shredded cabbage around the back right of the store near the freezer section, and as we were there, a huge bully mix dog marked as a service dog saw us and lunged and growled menacingly! I was terrified and scooped Felix up on my chest as high as I could get him! Luckily the man handling the other dog was strong and was able to control his dog. But boy was it scary! The dog looked like it could’ve been a mastiff mix, so I think he could have fit Felix completely in his mouth in one bite if he had gotten close! It took me several minutes to calm down after that, and the rest of the time we were in the store, I was checking every corner to make sure that dog wasn’t around!

When we got to the freezer section, I realized that Felix has never been in a freezer section before at all! He did a really good job, though! He was a bit startled by the sounds that the freezer doors made as they slammed shut when people let the doors go. And he was a little less confident overall and didn’t want to walk as fast as he normally does. So while Brad looked around, we just hung out and I let him observe the freezer section goings-on.

I got a picture of him chilling in the freezer section (not inside a freezer!), and Brad got a video of us heeling in the freezer section. You can see that he jumps when a door slams nearby. I also got a photo of Brad in his dark floral velvet blazer.

Then the battery center called, and our car was done so I put Felix on my lap and zoomed over to the tire and battery center to pick up the van and park it in a spot.

I found Brad after I was done, and he had been through about 5 aisles, so Felix and I went through those aisles just working on our heeling. By this time he was starting to get a little pully every once in a while, but not too bad. He was definitely starting to lose focus, though.

The last section was the middle of the store’s snack section. Just then the skies opened up and there was a ton of rain and loud thunder. It was pretty scary in the middle of Sam’s Club where everything echoed! Lots of little kids in the store were screaming when there was loud thunder! Felix did get a little spooked by the loud thunder and screaming a few times, but just to stop and look, and then he continued on his way.

We got about halfway through the snacks when Felix decided he was done walking. He just laid down as we were walking along. I called him over to me and picked him up, and he was on my lap the rest of the time. That’s a lot of walking for his little legs!!!!

We eventually checked out, and it was still raining pretty hard. So I left Brad, the cart, and my wheelchair under an overhang and walked to the car. I got the car and waited in a line of people who were loading their cars up with kids and groceries under the overhang. By the time it was our turn, it had almost stopped raining LOL!

We loaded everything up, and stopped for gas on the way home. The car started up again, so at least that’s a win! Here’s hoping it stays charged and doesn’t die again on us in the next week or so!

Now we’re home and Felix is pooped! He is sleeping in the corner, and I think he’s even forgotten that it’s dinner time!

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