Dogs on the LYNX 1

On Saturday, we rode the LYNX (light rail) with Sabrina, Indy, and Russ. I’m trying to take Felix on lots of public transportation to prepare him for eventually flying one day. We did the bus last week, and light rail this week.

We met up in the parking garage and took the elevator up to the station. Russ and Brad bought tickets, and we went across the bridge to the train. Brad got good pics of Sabrina and Indy going to the elevator, and us buying tickets and heading to the station. Brad was using a new technique in some later pictures where he moves the camera and has a delayed flash that creates a motion blur in his photos. I don’t like it as much as he does! LOL

There was a train waiting at the station, so we hopped on it right away. There was a large space for wheelchairs, and we were able to fold up two rows of seats to create a large space we could easily navigate through.

Indy lay down and went to sleep right away. She was so good and not at all worried by the train noises and movements. I had Felix in my lap, and he did pretty well. He was a little nervous, but not too badly. He just was panting a little more than he needed to (it was hot out so he was already panting from that), and had his shoulders a little hunched. But overall he did pretty well!

Brad got a video of us on the train plus a lot of pictures of us! In the pictures, you may notice that Russ looks a little swollen. He had been attacked by hornets earlier that day!!!

We rode the LYNX for about 10 minutes, then got off. While we waited at the station for the train back, Brad got a few shots of us. One of them is particularly good of me in my wheelchair with Felix on my lap zooming along with Felix’s hair blowing in the wind.

We were at the station about 9 minutes when the train arrived to go back to our original station. When it arrived, we had some problems getting on. The setup of the car was different and there wasn’t enough room for us all to fit well. We nearly left Brad behind at the station because he almost couldn’t get on! But somehow we all fit, and had an uneventful ride back. Well, uneventful except for Brad’s excellent photography!

We arrived back at the original station, and Russ and Sabrina went to find a bathroom while Brad and I did a little photo shoot of Brad (who is holding his flash in one hand) and of me with Felix on the ground. Then we met up and saw Sabrina and Russ’s new wheelchair van!

After that, we wanted some dinner. I had checked online at the McAlister’s close by, and they said they were open until 9. But when we got there at 8PM, they were closed, and had closed at 7! Luckily we knew the area pretty well since we’d had a convention there before, so we were able to recommend a Mexican place nearby. They allowed us to sit on the patio even though it was technically closed.

As we got seated, we realized there were storm clouds coming our way, and Sabrina got a weather alert on her phone! It was supposed to start raining in 30 minutes! So we tried to be really quick about ordering and getting our food and eating it. As our food came out for us to eat, the wind really picked up a LOT. It almost blew my orchid headband away! Our napkins and everything light on the table was flying around!

But we were lucky, we got about 10 minutes of intense wind, but no rain! After the wind died down and we had eaten, we were able to relax and chat some more.

I had to use the bathroom, so took Felix on my lap inside the restaurant. There was a live mariachi band playing with about 4 trumpets and a very loud singer that were blocking the way to the restroom. They did move over a bit for me to squeeze past, but the trumpets and singer were SO LOUD! Felix did a great job! I was worried he’d be scared, but he was fine.

Brad got lots of pictures of us sitting at the table as the sun set and the wind picked up. Brad and I have our wheelchair fairy lights on, and he used a pocket light to make interesting colored light on people and dogs.

We had a really fun time together! We could have hung out a lot longer, but it was starting to get late, so we headed home. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and video! Descriptions of everyone pictured are as follows…

Veronica is a white woman with short brown hair wearing a pink and orange dress and a pink orchid headband. She is in a power wheelchair with wings. Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple harness. Brad is a power wheelchair user wearing teal pants and shirt with a blue shiny vest. Sabrina is a power wheelchair user with short blond hair wearing a white pineapple shirt. Indy is a Golden Retriever. Russ has a swollen face form the hornet stings, and is wearing a bright orange shirt.

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