Felix’s first rally course 2

Today in Felix’s obedience/rally course, we both struggled and shined.

Felix did a great job doing the things he was supposed to do in class (well, except for mat work where he struggled). But he was pretty teenagery in that every time a person or dog got close to us, he would jump up on his hind feet and paw at the air. Even if it’s cute, it was pretty embarrassing!

We spent half the class reviewing things we’d learned previously like the name game, the zen bowl, mat work, and leave-it. Aside from the jumping up whenever the instructor or another dog got close, Felix did very well!

After our break, we did a rally course. It was all stuff we’d worked on in class, but all strung together in a course!

The first sign was a halt and sit, then we had to turn left, walk slow, walk normal, turn left, walk fast, walk normal, about right turn (this means to turn around 180 degrees to the right), right turn, and we were done! Our trainer got a video of Felix on his first ever rally course, and you can see it below! One other person in the class even came up to us after we were done, and complimented me on Felix’s left turns! It’s so nice to be part of a dog training community where we support each other.

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