Prismatic pool time

Lost of pictures below! On Sunday we went over to Sabrina’s house for an evening of fun! We arrived about 3PM and it was so hot that we stayed inside and played Mexican Train Dominoes (our new favorite game!). Sabrina was really tired, so she went to take a nap for a while and Brad and I played with her husband Russ (who is also a good friend of ours!).

When Sabrina was feeling better, we headed out to the pool! Sabrina’s service dog Indy and her daughter’s service dog in training Brida love swimming and jumping in the water. So they were super happy!

I knew Alice wouldn’t like being in the water, so I put her cooling vest on and had her sit on Brad’s lap.

I put Felix in his blue life jacket and brought him into the pool with me. I got up on a float (after showing him how to get out of the pool) and put him on my stomach. He wasn’t super pleased about this arrangement.

Normally if I go swimming in a pool and I take Hestia, she starts barking at me while I’m in the pool. I always assumed she didn’t want to get in, so originally I had her with Brad wearing her cooling vest. She was on the ground and he was holding her leash while he tried to take pictures. But Hestia was really really unhappy. She kept barking and barking.

So we put her in her pink mermaid life jacket and brought her into the pool with us. She was so happy to be in the pool with us! She started out on Sabrina’s stomach and was just chillin’.

Felix was still not very happy about his lot in life at this point in time, so he decided to go visit Auntie Sabrina. Then Hestia decided she wanted more room so she came over to me! This was all possible because Sabrina and I were on matching floats (with sun shades!) and were holding onto each others’ floats so the dogs could easily walk back and forth.

Eventually Felix came back over to me, and he was alternating between OK and not very happy, so we had Russ take him back up to Brad to watch. Felix was much happier with this arrangement, but Brad was not because he had to put his camera away to watch Felix and Alice.

While Brad had his camera out, he got great shots of Sabrina and me floating around together, of Indy and Brida jumping in the pool and splashing us a lot, and of Russ throwing toys for Indy and Brida.

We had so much fun floating around in the pool together! I might come back down on my own without Brad sometime and float with Sabrina. But I think I’ll just bring Hestia with me. She was really the queen of the pool! She really had a wonderful time on the float with me and Sabrina. She acted like she was living her best life!

After a while, it started to get a bit cooler, so we got out of the pool and Russ put on a Low Country boil for dinner. This is a mix of seafood, sausage, potatoes, and corn boiled together with Old Bay seasoning and dumped (without the water!) onto a table of newspapers for people to dig in. I hadn’t had crab legs but once before in my life, so it was a little hard for me to figure out how to eat them. So I concentrated on the shrimp, potatoes, and corn (because we forgot the sausage). It was very tasty! And I brought fruit salad with cotton candy grapes in it for dessert!

It was getting late by that time, so we packed up and headed home. It was such a wonderful evening with the Tolles! I can’t wait until we can do it again!

The pictures Brad took are below. In them I’m wearing a purple swim bikini, Sabrina has an orange tankini and orange hat, Hestia has a pink mermaid life jacket, Felix has a blue life jacket, and both Hestia and Felix are Japanese Chin. Indy is a Golden Retriever, Brida is a German Shepherd mix, and Russ is wearing white and blue swim trunks. Sabrina and I are on blue floats with sun shades in a circular pool that’s probably 20 feet across.

There are many pictures of Indy and Brida jumping in and creating big splashes, and also of them shaking off. Brad used some prisms, crystals, and filters to create fun effects like doubling of images in the pictures and interesting blurring and rainbow effects.

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