Chillin’ at Starbucks

This morning I decided to treat myself to one of my favorites– Starbucks! Thanks to some very nice people gifting me gift cards, I can go to Starbucks about once a month! They have super yummy coffee, and it is a great training opportunity for Felix.

This morning I woke up and took the dogs out, and it was already really hot! So I got ready really quickly and headed over to Starbucks at 8AM. It was already 83 degrees!

Felix did such a good job walking into Starbucks with me. He was in perfect heel and walked right up to the counter with me for me to grab my drink. Then he heeled perfectly as we went back outside. I was so proud of him, he acts like going inside places is just totally normal now. He doesn’t even seem to notice a difference between inside stores and restaurants vs outside!

We had to sit in a different place than we usually do because we had to be in the shade. It was right next to some mulch. Felix started off sitting on his mat to my left, and I decided to challenge him by not getting out his Himalayan Chew to distract him.

I got a picture of him sitting on his mat next to my chair. After that, he did struggle a bit wanting to go sniff around in the mulch. I had to remind him about four or five times that we weren’t playing in mulch today. Then he seemed to get it and decided to take himself away from the distraction.

He went under the table, which is not where I usually place him. He wasn’t on his mat, but he seemed happy there, so I let him be. He at first was almost right underneath me (got a picture), and then he stretched out underneath the middle of the table (got another picture).

He was so good! He just lay there watching the cars go by and the people walk past our table. I was able to not focus on him, and instead check my email and Facebook! It was really nice, sipping my coffee, checking my email, while Felix just chilled under the table. I was so proud of him!

I got a video of him lying under the table as things were happening around him. When I pan to the right, I was trying to get the feet of the person walking by us, but I only got their shadow. Anyway, he just lay there as people and cars went past us!

After hanging out for half an hour, I decided I wanted to be sure to end on a good note, so we headed inside to throw away my drink cup. He heeled really well, though did want to sniff the entryway mat as I was throwing away my cup. Then we headed home. I can’t wait until my next Starbucks outing for a yummy drink and working with Felix!

The video is below the pictures. Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a green harness/vest.

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