Felix is fine at the dentist

Today Felix came to the human dentist for the first time! Brad and I had our cleanings scheduled one after the other this afternoon.

Brad went first, so Felix and I sat in the waiting room. He did a very good job of chewing on his Himalayan Chew on his mat while we waited. Ideally I’d like for him to be able to wait without needing the chew, but given that this was his first time in a medical office, I figured the chew would be a good way to get him to relax in the new environment.

He did such a good job! People came and left the office, the office was quiet with occasional noises, and people walked past him. He just stayed there on his mat like a good boy, chewing his chew. I didn’t even have to redirect him at all!

After about 45 minutes, Brad was done and it was my turn! We love our hygienist, she is super nice. After cooing over how beautiful Felix was, she set about cleaning my teeth. Felix did amazing!!! He was interested in what she was doing to my mouth, but was able to generally hang back at a respectable distance. I did have to block him from sniffing her a few times, though!

When she got out the electric toothbrush/tooth polisher thing, it made a very weird noise. At first, Felix went back down my legs near my feet and sat and watched what was going on. Then he figured out it wasn’t a big deal and came back up to investigate. I didn’t let him sniff it or get too close, so he just hung out and watched. He was so good and so cute the whole time!

When the dentist came in, he was shocked by how cute and good Felix was, too! They especially loved his bow tie.

The dentist said my teeth are 100 out of 100, and that I have no cavities. Yay for me! It was a great visit for all three of us, because Brad got 100 out of 100, too. He’s been the family “floss-opher” for a long time.

I got a few pictures from my cell phone while we are there. There are a few in the waiting room with Felix on a rainbow blanket with his Himalayan Chew. There are a few of him and me in the chair together. And there is one of Felix with dental tools in the background. Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple vest/harness.

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