NAMI challenges: baby and another dog

Today Felix and I went to the NAMI building for coffee and conversation. It was a fairly small group of people, but there were two individuals there that made for some good training challenges.

The baby was there as usual, which is so great for Felix! He had never met a baby before this one, and she is such a great baby. She is 1 year old and not walking yet, but she gets around very well crawling. She has a mild interest in Felix and is not afraid of him, nor does she seek him out. So it’s actually really perfect.

I brought Felix’s mat and Himalayan Chew, and he did a great job hanging out on his mat. The baby came over to him once and he sniffed her a little bit before deciding she was pretty boring to him, yay!

After a while, someone else came in who had a 4 month old service dog prospect! It is great to meet others in the community! Her dog is a golden doodle. Felix did such a great job ignoring the puppy! I was very proud of him. I did have to break out the clicker (previously we had been using verbal markers), but he was able to hear the clicker and did a really good job with his training. He was never once overstimulated, just a little interested in the other dog.

When the other dog left, he laid down and took a nap for a while.

What a good boy!

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