Studio shots: Western and rock wall

On Tuesday we had a photo shoot in our house! Brad had a few new pieces of camera equipment he wanted to try out including some new lighting modifiers and two new backdrops. Of course the dogs and I were the models!

We started out the shoot in front of the Western backdrop. We put Hestia and Alice on an overturned wooden crate in front of the backdrop with a rope toy in the foreground. The lighting looks like it is sunset. The pictures are very striking of the dogs in this setting!

Brad wanted to get a human to model with his new lighting, too. He gave me a length of rope as a prop. I play around with the rope and the crate in these pictures.

Next we switched over to a rock backdrop, with a more focused key light switched to daylight color temperature and moved from the side to the front. We took a few pics with me smiling, but then Brad wanted me to look like an old movie star, which made me laugh so hard I started crying!

I got Felix in my arms to pose with me, and got some great photos of us!

Next Brad set up the lighting on the rock backdrop for a dog, and we tried Hestia out in front of it for a couple of pictures. We put some colorful toys on the table in the foreground.

Felix got to model his new cooling coat from Canada Pooch which has popsicles on it!

He also got a raincoat that’s blue with clouds on it, and the clouds turn dark grey when it gets wet!

Finally we did a shoot with all three dogs! We got a bunch of shots of them wearing matching PJs from their Auntie Sabrina, which have a white background and colorful hearts. We got a photo of Brad’s photo setup, and then some photos of the pups without clothing on. And that was our photo shoot!

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