Out on the town at Davie Park

Brad got the pictures he took of last week’s Out on the Town class done! We had class at Davie Park. It was a bit of an overcast day, but still nice weather, so I wore my new pink and green plaid dress. I was in my power wheelchair, and Felix was wearing his green service dog in training harness.

We spent most of the class sitting in our spots, working on our dogs being calm while learning about dog training. One by one, Kelly, the trainer, went around and worked on paws up with each dog. They all did so well! Felix got bored quickly, but was really interested in Kelly’s shoes! So at one point she took her shoes off LOL!

At the end of class, we attempted to walk around but Felix was just done by then so we gave up pretty quickly. He did get to meet a basketball on the basketball court, though.

Brad got several cute pictures of the Dachshund puppy who was sitting next to us! The Border Terrier on the other side of us had to leave early, so there aren’t as many pictures of him. And we got pictures of the Deaf white pup working a bit, too!

After class, we stopped by the hardware store to get some pipe for Brad to take interesting pictures through. The last picture he took in the store through a section of copper pipe!

Enjoy the pictures!

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