Felix goes to Starbucks

When we got coffee at Starbucks recently, I got a coupon for 50% off a drink today, tomorrow, or Sunday. The weather looked best today, so Felix and I headed over!

Last time I held both dogs while Joseph went in and got drinks. Today, since Felix is now a service dog in training, I could take him in!

I ordered in the app when we were in the parking lot, and then walked inside with Felix. He was a bit cautious at first with the smells and sounds of a coffee shop, but did a pretty good job waiting with me. He did try to go after a piece of straw wrapper on the floor, so I moved it out of the way with my foot.

We were in Starbucks for about 2 minutes while they made my drink, and Felix did a very good job! Then we headed outside to sit and listen to traffic noise. Felix is a little nervous about traffic noise, so I want him to experience it a lot in low stress settings.

I chose a spot near the door and set up Felix’s mat and got his Himalayan Chew out. He did FANTASTICALLY!!!!

At first he preferred chicken to his chew, so I gave him treats for lying down on his mat. I didn’t think about it when I chose my spot to sit, but I was right next to the door which meant a lot of foot traffic was passing us. Felix did wonderfully at staying with people walking by, not trying to say hi, etc. I got some video of him lying on his mat while people walk by.

After a while, he started to want to chew on his chew instead of get chicken. So we just sat there, with me drinking my coffee and Felix chewing on his chew. So many loud vehicles passed us! There were busses and motorcycles and semi trucks and cars and trucks with loud mufflers. He did great through all of it! When there were really loud things, he’d stop chewing and look up in the direction of the noise, then go back to chewing as the noise passed. It was really perfect.

We only stayed for about 30–45 minutes because I had to use the bathroom and I didn’t want to push things too much by taking him to the bathroom somewhere that isn’t my house today, too (he’s done that once before, but he sat in my wheelchair, which is very different).

On our way out, I needed to throw away my trash but there wasn’t a trash can outside. So we walked back inside Starbucks. This time he walked in full of confidence! I threw away my trash, and he heeled perfectly across the parking lot to my car. Then we headed home.

I got four pictures—three from inside Starbucks, and one on his mat outside. I also got a great video where three people pass by Felix and go in or out of the doors. Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple SDIT harness. His mat is rainbow colored.

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