Achoos the right allergist

Today Brad went back to see his allergist. She updated him on the latest eosinophilic esophagitis research and they talked about next steps for dealing with his food and pollen allergies.

It was a good appointment, and we had no difficulties due to Hestia being there.

I had a hard time because I have been sad today about Brad only being able to do one thing a week now. His body battery was really good this morning, in the 90s, so I got a slight hope of him being able to come to puppy class tomorrow. But then his body battery got back down in the 50s (out of 100) by the end of the appointment. So it’s best he stays home.

It’s just hard because Brad and I used to do everything together—we were inseparable. But now I have to do more and more things by myself.

But at least he had a good appointment. I was sad and so not in the mood for getting pictures taken of me. There is one of me in a blue dress with Hestia on my lap. There are 7 pictures of Brad in his teal blazer with a grey hat and a burgundy scarf posing in various interesting ways for the camera.

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