Triple dog studio portraits

On Monday Felix had his first experience having a professional photo shoot! Brad got out his new teal backdrop and some fun lights, and we got all the pups!

First up was Miss Hestia the professional to show the other doggies how it was done. Brad has a window-shaped light on the background behind Hestia. He digitally altered some of the photos to change the teal backdrop to other colors. In one of the photos, Hestia’s looking down and looks depressed, so Brad thinks that photo should be used in an ad for depression medication. In the other pictures Hestia looks very regal. She is a white and black Japanese Chin.

Next Miss Alice gave it a shot. She started out standing (note how well I styled her tail hair!), and transitioned to sitting. She likes to tilt her head to look extra cute! Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin.

Finally it was my new boy Felix’s turn. He wasn’t as sure of things, so we didn’t get as many pictures. Plus without white over one eye like the girls have (Felix has color over both eyes), it was harder to get his expression and face lit up with the lighting. But boy is he handsome! Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple plaid bowtie.

What’s a photo shoot without a costume change and a lighting change? Brad used a filter on his background light that makes a circle of lines of light coming out from a center point. First up was miss Alice wearing a spring inspired dress with a pink top and a white skirt with spring flowers on it. She was not super into this photo session, so there are just three pictures of her lying down in her dress. In one of the photos, she’s yawning and the circle of lights is coming out of her mouth!

Hestia didn’t want to be left out of the spring theme in a white dress with sunflowers on it! Hestia really knows how to pose and struck some awesome ones where Brad got her head just in the center of the circle of lights.

Of course we had to get all the doggies together! Felix joined Hestia and Alice in a blue shirt with Easter-themed designs on the back of it.

Alice got in on a private session with just Hestia for one sisters shot, and a couple of pictures of the two sables, all still in their spring clothes.

To finish up Felix’s part, he got a solo shoot in his blue shirt. Brad also got several pictures of how we make these sessions enjoyable—lots of treats! In this case it’s freeze dried chicken and Felix is loving it!

Brad wanted to get some humans in the shot, so we got a few shots of me leaning over onto the table in a pink dress with Hestia in her sunflower dress. Hestia was mostly interested in kissing me instead of posing for pictures!

Then Brad wanted to get in on the fun with Alice! He is wearing his catsup and mustard outfit as I call it with a red shirt and a mustard yellow hat and tie. Alice is still wearing her spring dress. Alice it totally nonplussed by anything Brad does in the pictures!

To finish up the photo series, Brad took a couple pictures of his setup. It includes a table with the background draped over it, a light overhead, a light to the side lighting the background, and a light below the table and in front of it to light up faces.

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