Felix’s first vet visit

We took Felix to his first vet visit (with us—he’s been to the vet before with his breeders!). Since Alice is still not completely comfortable around him, we decided to leave her home in her crate and just took Felix and Hestia.

When we arrived, my favorite receptionist Patty was working! She was super excited to get to meet Felix, and even took his picture!

We got right into a room, and Brad started taking lots of photos. Hestia was putting on a brave show with her body posture, but she was also shaking occasionally because she was a bit nervous about the vet! Felix was only mildly worried, but his worry shows up clear as a bell on his face. So that’s why in the pictures it looks like Hestia is brave and Felix is sad.

We saw the relief vet (Dr. Ledain) who we’ve seen once before. We like both the main two vets and the relief vet at our practice, so it was good to see her again. Before our appointment, practically the entire staff came to meet Felix! They were so excited for us to have another Japanese Chin!

The vet looked him over, found his “yo-yo testicle”, and said that since it is where it is, when he gets spayed in a year and a half, they might be able to massage it down into his scrotum and do a traditional neuter instead of having to make another incision! That would be great!

We went ahead and got his rabies and bordetella vaccines slightly earlier than we might have. That’s because Felix is days away from 6 months old, I didn’t have any free time for the next 2.5 weeks, and he needs proof of rabies to start his puppy class in 2.5 weeks. He had been fine with the vet and tech handling him to check him over, and was happily eating his chicken.

But the moment that rabies shot went in his behind, he stopped eating and wouldn’t take another bite for the rest of his time at the vet! He was most displeased!

We hung out a bit after the appointment to chat more with Patty and try to make Felix feel better. It didn’t work LOL!

Pictures are below. In them, I am wearing a bright green dress and have medium-length brown curly hair. Hestia is a black and white Japanese Chin, while Felix is sable and white. Felix has on a purple plaid bowtie (on his collar) and a purple plaid harness. Hestia has a pink plaid harness. Brad is wearing purple and red.

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