Felix tries Pet Supplies Plus

I needed to get more raw food for Felix, so today we went to Pet Supplies Plus! I ordered what I needed ahead of time for pickup so that I wouldn’t have to stand in line or pay or anything while I was there.

We got out of the car and I let Felix sniff around the mulched areas in the parking lot. He was interested in the scents, and watched a big pittie pass us. Then we crossed the street (Felix walked!) and hung out outside the store for a while. Felix really enjoyed peeing on the columns outside the store!

While we were outside, a family with a little boy who was probably about 5 came by. They asked to pet Felix, and I said sure. Felix did great!

After a few minutes hanging out outside, Felix acted interested in the doors to the store. So we walked over and he walked in using automatic doors for the first time with no issue! I was so happy!

We did a loop around the store and also walked up and down two aisles. While there he got petted by two more people, saw two dogs and just watched them, sniffed the gerbils in their cages, and generally had a good time. I could tell he wasn’t 100% comfortable, but he was taking treats and walking pretty dang well on his leash!

We saw the family with the little boy twice more in the store. The second time the little boy started waving his hands and running towards us, so I stopped him and told him to crouch down and offer his hand. Felix went from being scared of the running and waving to approaching happily in the space of a second or two! The last time I got a few pictures of Felix saying hi.

The only really bad thing that happened in the store was that as we passed a post that had obviously been peed on a lot, Felix started to raise his leg to pee! I distracted him and we moved on. But that is definitely something I’ll need to work on!

After about 5 minutes in the store, we headed out with our food. Next we headed to Walmart for my pickup order where he didn’t mind at all. And then I got gas, and he was great in the car.

The pictures are below. In them Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple plaid harness. He greets people, sniffs the small animals in cages, walks next to me, sniffs toys, and greets the little boy.

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