Briefly burger buds

On Tuesday, Sabrina called me up and said she and her husband Russ were in town for some appointments, and could we meet for lunch! So Brad rushed out of bed and we got ready and headed out.

We went to Burgers and Barley, which is a burger joint with gluten-free options! Since we were sitting outside, I brought both Hestia and Alice with me. Sabrina of course had her SD, Indy, with her as well.

It was great to see Sabrina and Russ! It had been too long since we’d last seen them. Russ got a camera for Christmas, so he and Brad spent the majority of the time talking about all things camera. I think they had a great time!

Sabrina and I enjoyed catching up, and since our dogs were off duty, we all got to say hi to each other!

We started off in the most outside outside area with no shelter. It was a bit chillier than expected, though, so after a while, we decided to go into their fenced in area with a roof and some plastic sheeting on the sides. There was still ventilation, just not quite as much as outside. But they had heaters in there, so we were much warmer. And we were the only people in the whole patio area, so I felt pretty safe from COVID.

Russ and I both got the daredevil burger, which is supposed to be spicy. And we got bourbon-maple-bacon sweet potato fries. It was SO tasty!

Unfortunately, Sabrina and Russ had to leave pretty soon to head to another appointment, so we missed any group photo opportunities. But Brad did get a few pictures of us before we got our food. Then after we ate, after Sabrina and Russ left, I did a little photo shoot with Brad where he is enjoying licking his fork LOL!

We had a great time! I hope you enjoy the pictures! I am wearing a white dress with blue botanical drawings on it. Hestia and Alice are Japanese Chin. Alice is wearing a grey schoolgirl dress, and Hestia a pink service dog dress. Sabrina has short brown hair and has in the pictures my burgundy blanket around her shoulders. She’s using a manual wheelchair, and has her Golden Retriever Indy with her. Russ is wearing a black t-shirt. Brad is wearing black pants and shirt, a silver vest, a pink blazer, and black and pink tie, and a black fedora, and is using a power wheelchair.

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