Glencairn Garden portraits 2

On Saturday it was a beautiful day, with highs in the low 60s and sunny, so Brad and I took the girls to a local park. We went to Glencairn Garden, which is a manicured park with lots of fountains and managed flowering plants. Of course since it is winter, there wasn’t much greenery to be seen, but it is still a lovely park!

We weren’t the only ones who had this idea—there were five other photographers taking pictures of people in the park on Saturday, too!

We had a really good time for the most part. We zipped around in our wheelchairs across bridges and down accessible paths. I sat on a swinging bench with the girls and had some fun, too.

At one point, though, I was trying to put Alice down and she squirmed just the wrong way and somersaulted out of my hands onto the ground! She was pretty shaken up by that, and all she wanted was her daddy’s lap so that’s what she got. After a while, she started having fun again and was happy to walk along with Hestia and me.

We got some pictures of Brad and also of me looking at our reflections in one of the fountains.

We also took several pictures of Hestia and me on a Japanese-style bridge. Brad was far away and motioned for me to lift Hestia up. He meant to lift her a few inches so she wasn’t hidden by the railing, but I didn’t get the memo and held her Lion King style way up over my head LOL!

Near the end of the walk, we found a short wall with a raised circular area on a corner that was just big enough for the girls to stand on together. Brad got some really wonderful shots of them up there! Unfortunately you could see some drool coming out of Hestia’s mouth in them LOL!

At the end we got a few pictures of me standing because I needed pictures of my new dress for our Amazon review program. I got the dress just last week and I LOVE it! It has an ivory background with botanical drawings of mushrooms, mosses, and ferns in a deep blue.

Hestia and Alice are Japanese Chin wearing pink plaid harnesses. Brad is wearing white pants, shirt, and fedora, with a dark multi-hued blazer and a tie with dark colors on it.

Enjoy the pictures!

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