My Chin wants to be at my chin at the dentist

Before Christmas, Brad and I went in to get our teeth cleaned. I forgot to do a blog entry about that, but Hestia, my Japanese Chin service dog, was great during it! Just hung out in the same position the whole time.

Unfortunately I had a cracked filling so had to go back today to get it repaired. Hestia was not so great this time!

I was feeling more anxiety than usual at the dentist, so I think Hestia was trying to respond to me. She was licking my hands a lot, and she kept trying to come up on my chest near my face, which really doesn’t work as the dentist needs to be there!

When I refused to let her on my chest, she showed her displeasure by sighing and flopping down on my belly. A lot. The dentist and the tech were laughing at her, luckily. But I was very embarrassed! And of course I couldn’t explain what was going on because I had the bite block in my mouth.

I was able to explain at the end, and everyone had a good laugh at Hestia’s expense. Hestia was not amused! But now I am back to having a healthy mouth, so yay!

I snagged a couple of pictures of me in the chair with my bib on and Hestia on my lap before I had to lean back for the dentist to start work. In the second one, Hestia is licking her nose! Enjoy!

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