Long time no see

Today we got to see our friend Sabrina again!!!!! It has been way way way too long since we’ve seen them.

Sabrina had a doctor appointment kinda close to us, so she, her Golden Indy, and her daughter Faith met me with Hestia and Scarlet at McAllister’s Deli. Brad stayed home because he needs to rest up for this coming week when we go to pick up our puppy (5 days!!!!).

Sabrina’s been very sick lately, so it was really good to catch up and see her in person. We had a great meal and wonderful conversation. I may or may not have been mostly convinced to get a tattoo sometime in the future LOL!

We ate outside and I turned down the machinery background noises on my hearing aid settings which helped a lot with the traffic noise.

But eventually we got cold and people had to get home to let dogs out. Before we left, we got some pictures in the sun in front of the restaurant.

Hestia was wearing a pink sweater underneath her pink service dog dress. I was wearing a pink and red top with a purple coat. Scarlet was wearing a grey sweater with a multicolored dress, Sabrina was wearing a grey jacket. And Indy the Golden had on a turquoise and pink jacket and harness. Scarlet and I were in our Whill power wheelchairs, and Sabrina is in a manual wheelchair. There are a couple of pictures of Hestia’s outfit, a selfie of me and Hestia, and a couple of pictures of the three of us (Faith kindly took pictures of us three!).

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