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On Monday, we went to a new section of the Riverwalk trail with Scarlet, Kaitlyn, and a friend of theirs named Jenna. We picked Scarlet and Kaitlyn up from Scarlet’s house, and even with Scarlet having the Whill wheelchair like mine, we were able to fit all three wheelchairs in the van!

When we arrived, it took a while to get all the wheelchairs and dogs out of the van and get Scarlet’s new wheelchair pouch set up. After we did that, we took some photos while waiting for Jenna. Kaitlyn’s new bright pink hair color perfectly matched Brad’s hot pink blazer with sequins! So we had to get some pictures of them together. Brad also has a hot pink bowtie, a grey shirt, a pink and purple fedora, and a grey and pink scarf. Kaitlyn is wearing a black leather jacket.

When Jenna arrived, we started on our walk. Brad got a picture of all of us from the back next to a sign saying “no motor vehicles” which he thought was funny since Scarlet, Brad, and I were all in power wheelchairs! He also got a black and white shot of us coming down the hill.

We had a really good walk! We had a lot of fun talking, and the pups had a great time sniffing! Alice wasn’t scared at all of walking across the wooden bridge. Below are pictures of us walking along the trail.

When we got to the end of the bridge, Scarlet remembered that when they’d done this trail in their old wheelchair, they had gotten stuck on the lip in the concrete at the end of the bridge and had to get out of their chair and get help getting it up the lip. This time they were super excited to see that in their new Whill wheelchair, they were able to go over the bump no problem!

After a while, we turned around and headed back, with Brad getting great pics of us walking and a selfie of himself along the way.

When we returned past the train trestle, Brad thought this would be a great area to get some portraits of us all.

While I was dawdling taking pictures of Brad, everyone else headed up to the trailhead to use the bathroom. As Brad and I zipped back up the trail to meet them, Brad stopped me to get a picture of me with the girls on a covered bridge.

It was a really fun walk, and we really enjoy hanging out with Scarlet’s friends. Below are Brad’s 98 selected/edited pictures from our walk.

In them I am wearing a lavender top with purple, pink, and turquoise leggings. I’m in a power wheelchair with purple wings on the back. Alice and Hestia are Japanese Chin wearing pink plaid harnesses. Brad’s outfit was described earlier, and he is also in a power wheelchair. Scarlet has orange and black hair and is wearing a blue top with black pants. They are in the same wheelchair that I have! Kaitlyn was described earlier. And Jenna had on a blue sweatshirt and shorts (brrrr!).

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