Can Hestia learn to work while dressed up?

Today I had my one month check up for my hearing aids! Brad was too tired to come with me, so there aren’t a lot of good pictures or anything to look at.

Since I’m already known in the office for blinging up my hearing aids, I decided to take Hestia blinged up in her new dress!

When I walked in, the receptionist remembered me and was excited to take a look at my hearing aids in person! She even called the office manager out of the back room to see how I’ve decorated them. I was happy to show them off!

I sat down to wait, and a man came by leaving his appointment and stopped to talk with me about Hestia. He didn’t mention her outfit, and didn’t question me when I said she was a service dog. So that was good.

When it was time to go back to the room, Dr. Dana was really excited to see my blinged up hearing aids in person, too!

We had a very good appointment, though I think I overstayed my appointment time because I had so many questions. She cleaned my hearing aids, changed the filters, and got me new slightly larger domes (the parts that go in your ear) because mine kept coming loose. The new domes are now touching more of my ears, and so my ears itch! It should go away in about a week or so—I hope! If not, there is an oil I can use to help out.

She fine-tuned some of the settings for my hearing aids and completely fixed the problem I had with pairing it with my phone! She said she adjusted some things to make running water not quite so loud. She also answered all my many questions very well. She’s a really good audiologist!

On my way out, I made an appointment with the office manager in her back office. There was only a small space with lots of stuff on the floor, and Hestia apparently doesn’t know she’s working yet in the new dress. Soooooo, little miss Hestia kept trying to sniff around and explore! I was very embarrassed and explained she is wearing new working gear and doesn’t yet know she’s working in it. And of course I got her attention (many times) and didn’t allow her to explore!

The office manager and Dr. Dana admired Hestia’s new dress and said it was the perfect color for her to wear! They really liked it! Yay! I also got to see pictures of the office manager’s Chihuahua, who is only a little bit bigger than Alice.

All in all, it was a good appointment! I am very happy with the adjustments to my hearing aids!

I did snap one selfie while we were there, and it is below. In it, I am wearing a purple shirt with a pink mask, and Hestia is a white and black Japanese Chin wearing a pink service dog dress.

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