Going out with the dress

I can’t believe I forgot to get pictures, but I went out today with Hestia wearing the pink service dog dress. I had an appointment with my psych nurse, which I guess technically falls under the doctor category where Brad didn’t want me putting Hestia in dresses… but my psych nurse let me bring Alice before she was an SDIT and is super duper supportive of my service dog journey, so I figured it’d be OK.

When I came into the building, I went to use the bathroom and passed by a woman who say “Oh, I told my dog she couldn’t come today!” So I said “She’s a service dog”, and the woman replied “Mine is, too.”

I never know what to say to people like that. I mean it’s possible they have a legitimate service dog who had to stay home for any number of valid reasons. But it’s also possible they have an ESA and don’t know the difference between ESAs and service dogs. So I just smiled and nodded my head, and went to the bathroom.

When I came out, I went to sit down and a lady in line said Hestia was very pretty. So that was good!

No one else said anything to me about Hestia, and no one commented on her outfit! So I guess that’s a plus.

Then I went back to see my psych nurse, and I asked her what she thought of Hestia’s dress. She said she thought it was beautiful and also clearly marked, so I should go ahead and have her wear it. Yay!

All my meds are staying the same with my psych nurse, but unfortunately she’s leaving the practice! She’s an excellent psych nurse and has been so extremely helpful to me that I am really upset about it. She is going to somewhere in Gastonia, North Carolina. If my insurance covers it, I might try seeing her for virtual visits. But I can’t drive 50 minutes each way to see her. Hopefully her practice will take my insurance, and hopefully they’re within 20 miles of the border (my insurance only covers providers in SC and 20 miles over the border into neighboring states).

Below is one of my pictures from yesterday’s photo shoot of Hestia in her pale pink dress with white lace skirt and pink and black service dog embroidery.

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