Historic Brattonsville with Lulu’s family

While Emily with Lulu the Golden Retriever and her husband Misha were here, we visited Historic Brattonsville (all the pictures are at the bottom of the post). Brattonsville is one of our favorite local places to visit. It is a working farm that spans the time period from the revolutionary war all the way up to right after the Civil War. They have interpreters dressed from the times doing things around the farm to keep it going. It is really cool!

It was a beautiful day, with some really nice fall foliage on the trees. It was a little chilly, but not bad at all. Brattonsville is not entirely wheelchair accessible. There are some gravel paths (which are actually more treacherous than the grass!) but mostly you’re going on grass. Most of the buildings do not have ramps, but at least you can see inside and the interpreters are always happy to come out and talk and show you things.

We bought our tickets and then headed out behind the visitor’s center to see the first buildings. That treacherous gravel got me! There’s a spot with really really deep gravel, and my wheelchair got stuck! We had to pick it up and scooch it back on the path! Brad’s wheelchair could handle it, but just barely.

I won’t tell you everything we saw, but early on in the visit we ran across our favorite interpreter Emmy! She was in the newest exhibit that we hadn’t seen yet—a general store and parlor of an old house! We had a great time talking with her, and she even brought out several of the items from the general store for us to read the labels (they are recreated).

We walked around the farm and saw someone dying wool (from their sheep on the farm!) with poke berries. We saw a coffin maker, and even stood in a finished coffin (Hestia stood in one in my stead). We saw several women cooking various things, as well.

We had a wonderful time and learned a lot! Plus we really enjoyed seeing all the old architecture and buildings.

The pictures are all below—and there are a lot of them! Brad did an excellent job capturing the interpreters and the fall foliage as well as the people in our party!

I am wearing purple, pink, and turquoise leggings with a pink top and a pink butterfly in my hair and am using my power wheelchair. Hestia the white and black Japanese Chin is in my lap and wearing a purple harness. Brad is wearing a grey coat, gray pants, gray hat, a silver vest, and silver shoes, and is in his power wheelchair. Emily is wearing a red top, and Misha is wearing a grey top. Lulu the Golden Retriever is wearing an orange harness.

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