Pee green dress

Today I wore a new dress to my urologist appointment (pics at end). It is a bright green and matches some shoes I already have. Both are from the Amazon review program we’re part of. I didn’t take my wheelchair because it’s hard to fit two wheelchairs into exam rooms. Heck, often it’s hard to even fit one wheelchair into an exam room! Luckily we park close to the door so there’s a minimum of walking.

For my weigh-in, I took off my purse and Hestia’s leash and put Hestia in a stay behind me while I stepped on the scale. Hestia did an excellent stay while I was on the scale! I was very proud of her!

The nurse was nice and checked me in with a minimum of fuss about Hestia. Brad was taking pictures all along, but when the nurse left, we had a little photo shoot—including pictures of Brad! I posed and he posed and Hestia joined in the fun, too! They didn’t have cell phone reception in the exam room, so I couldn’t play on my phone. Brad’s picture-taking was my distraction!

Then the doctor came in. This is a different urologist than I saw before, but in the same practice. My last one said that my new one is a specialist in overactive bladder which he thought I had, so he wanted me to see her instead.

She was very nice! She explained that since the meds are only working so-so for me, it might be time for the next step of either Botox injections into my bladder or getting a device implanted which regulates my bladder. I was pretty scared of both of those options, so she walked me through them and answered all my questions.

In the end, we decided that since my response to the medications is a little different than expected, and since these would be the next steps to take anyway if I wanted to pursue further treatment, that we’d do some testing to see if there’s something else going on with my bladder. She said it’s possible there could be scar tissue from my endometriosis affecting it, or hormonal changes from me now only having one ovary, or even a kinky urethra (!).

So I go back in a month for some testing of my bladder. I don’t know what to hope for, really. I guess if I hope for anything it’s that whatever is wrong with it is something that is easily fixed!

While our doctor wore her mask the whole time she was talking with us, when Brad asked her if he could take her picture (not mentioning her mask), she took the mask off.

He also got some shots of Hestia standing behind me while I made my next appointment.

Then on the way out, we did one last modeling session to show off my new dress!

Enjoy the pictures! Hestia is wearing her purple harness and is a white and black Japanese Chin. Brad is decked out in shades of dark green and black with little hints of white and blue.

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