Dinner and groceries with Lulu’s family

This weekend our friends Emily with her service dog Lulu and Emily’s husband Misha are visiting us! They arrived late last night and we met them for dinner at Charanda’s.

We were a little late getting there, so they were standing there waiting for us when we arrived. The dogs were excited to see each other, but Lulu calmed down quickly and I was holding Hestia so all was well.

We went in and asked to be seated on the patio. At first when we came in, the hostess looked questioningly at the dogs so I said “they’re service dogs” and she smiled and nodded. On our way out to the patio, another restaurant worker started to say something about the dogs and before I could even say anything, the hostess told the man that they were service dogs and were OK. So that was nice!

We got some pictures before we started eating. In them, I am wearing an orange, blue, and red top with red leggings. Hestia is a white and black Japanese Chin wearing a green harness. Emily is wearing a red shirt. Lulu is a Golden Retriever wearing a red harness. Misha is wearing a grey sweatshirt. Brad is wearing snakeskin-pattern pants, a black shirt, orange bowtie, orange scarf, teal velvet blazer, and snakeskin hat. Brad got a photo of Lulu’s tail wagging! She was very happy to see her friends!

We had a great meal with wonderful conversation! We talked about all kinds of things from our childhoods and how we met our significant other and so on.

After dinner, we decided to head to the grocery store to get ingredients for the dinner Emily is going to cook us tonight. We went to Publix, my favorite grocery store to shop in as it’s so clean and well organized and the people are all so nice.

I took my wheelchair because walking around the grocery store is a lot (it’s a big store!!!). Hestia was pretty perfect sitting on my lap except for her licking her lips a little in the meat section (which Brad caught on camera!). Lulu was really good in the store and about half the time Emily didn’t even have to hold onto Lulu’s shoulder-leash!

We found almost everything we needed, though we did need the help of an employee to find marshmallows (which we are going to roast over our tabletop fire pit we got from our Amazon review program). They weren’t in the baking section but the candy section! I guess it’s been a while (decades?) since I’ve bought marshmallows LOL!

Brad got some excellent photos of us shopping—especially in the produce section with the colorful veggies as a backdrop. He even took pictures of us outside loading my chair up into the car (with Hestia watching from over the back of the seat!).

We finally decided what time we’re meeting today and what we were doing, and each headed our separate ways. Once we got home, Brad and I had a little photo shoot for some of the items he was wearing. He needed pictures in order to write his reviews! Of course little miss Alice wanted to join him for his photo shoot (sable and white Japanese Chin)! Then when he finally let her on his lap for some daddy-daughter photos, I was praising her for looking at the camera and suddenly Hestia wanted in on the photo session LOL! My girls are so silly! Hope you enjoy all the photos!

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