Hearing aid measures made

Things are moving like lightning in getting my hearing aids! I applied to the Starkey Neighbors in Need program on October 19th. On Monday the 24th I found out I was accepted, and Tuesday was able to make my appointment. They had a cancellation for today, the 26th! I was happy to take it!

It was our first time to Palmetto Family Hearing. When I got my audiogram done at another place, they referred me to Palmetto Family Hearing as a place that might be able to help me out. And help me out they did! Without me ever setting foot in their office, they went out of their way to look for any hearing aid program I might be eligible for and help me through the application process.

They were just as nice in person! First of all, they had fun-size bags of gummi bears on the receptionist’s desk so of course I had to eat some! I’ve never seen fun-size gummy bear bags before.

A couple of people tried to pet Hestia in the waiting room, but I just told them she’s working.

And not too long after, my audiologist called me back. She was extremely nice and explained the program to me. I didn’t get a choice of hearing aids through the program. I am getting the Evolv line of hearing aids—the receiver in canal style. This means the guts of the hearing aid are worn behind my ear with a little wire that goes down to a small bud in my ear. This is exactly the kind I wanted, so I’m happy! I didn’t get a choice between rechargeable and disposable battery hearing aids. They only have disposable batteries in this program. But the good thing is that it seems like they will pay for a year’s worth of batteries with this program! And I get five visits to the audiologist as well.

I got to pick my color, but they only had boring hair colors. So I got silver, and I plan to decorate my hearing aids once I get them!

She tried a few different wire lengths and bud sizes out in my ears so I could get a comfortable fit. She also gave me a mask extender that you wear low down on your neck so that your mask won’t go near your hearing aids, in case I have a problem with this.

She was extremely nice and helpful, and very happy to have us as clients. She placed my order and I will get it in three weeks or less! I can’t wait!

Brad and I got some pictures while we were there, and then again at home to get close-ups of Brad’s outfit. I am wearing a purple dress with a blue and purple butterfly in my hair. Hestia is a white and black Japanese Chin wearing a purple harness. Brad is wearing turquoise pants, a blue shirt, a pink blazer, a tropical pink and green tie, a turquoise scarf, a turquoise hat, and a pink and mint Japanese Chin brooch. Most of the pictures were taken in the exam room of the audiologist explaining things and showing me things. There’s one great picture of the audiologist seemingly showing Hestia different ear bud sizes. There are pictures of Brad outside the business and at home in our yard.

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