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Today Hestia and I were filmed for a documentary! It is called For Humanity’s Sake. It’s a docu-series about various issues, and the first episode of the series will be about mental illness.

It was a really long day of filming, but I think we talked about some good stuff. Hestia was really good the whole day and helped me through a couple of anxious times.

I decided to go maskless as long as one of the two doors to the hut were opened. It’s a risk, but there were just a few people in the room and there was ventilation so I hope it was OK. I might take a COVID test in a few days just to be sure I didn’t catch anything.

It was neat to see another person set up lights and cameras besides Brad. I knew what all the equipment was and everything. The interviewer was really nice, and so were the other people being interviewed with me.

I got a selfie of Hestia and me, and a picture of Scarlet, Hestia, and me as well. I’ll let you all know when the documentary comes out!

Veronica wears a lavender dress with a lavender and blue butterfly in her hair. Hestia is a black and white Japanese Chin looking directly into the camera.
Scarlet has orange and black hair and wears dark green pants and a grey and black sweater. Both Scarlet and Veronica are in their wheelchairs, and Veronica has Hestia on her lap.

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