Petrifying portraits 2

Last month Brad got some new backdrops from our Amazon review program, so we did a photo shoot to test them out. There are three sets of pictures, and the best ones are at the end!

First up we had a white brick background. I am wearing a mint green sleeveless dress with a white scarf (I was not in charge of wardrobe!) and I have Hestia (black and white Japanese Chin) and Alice (sable and white Japanese Chin) in my arms. I look at the camera, laugh, look at the dogs, and smile off in the distance in these photos. My favorite one is the fourth one over where I am smiling pleasantly into the distance and both pups are looking into the camera.

Our second backdrop was a spooky haunted house! I am wearing a grey dress with a grey witch hat and holding Alice. Brad used green lights to give it a really eerie feel. The pictures start with me looking off to the sides. Then I start making “I’m going to get you” faces (which Alice is very confused about and keeps looking at me while I’m making them). I also do a lot of villainous laughing. Finally, we get out a raven toy and Alice interacts with it.

Finally, my favorite backdrop has spooky blue woods with evil pumpkins. At first Brad just used blue lights on me, but then he got the idea to put orange lights on my face and the dogs and blue lights elsewhere and it is AWESOME!!!! It is super interesting looking and creepy. I am wearing the same outfit, but this time I have Alice and Hestia with me and they are wearing wings! Alice wears a different pair of wings in the last few photos that are purple instead of black.

The first few pictures I am laughing so hard that I started to cry. I was laughing because Brad was making fun of my ever-so-predictable two scary poses. Then I morph back into my “I’m gonna get you” face. Finally we end up with Alice alone posing in my wheelchair.

It’s really too bad that Halloween will be chilly this year because I must say my grey dress goes really well with my witch hat! But at least the girls will be nicely decked out in winged harnesses thanks to Sabrina!

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