Flu shot and popcorn trot

Last week after our failed attempt to get our flu shots at Harris Teeter, we made appointments at Walgreens. They also give a $5 gift card with each flu shot!

I decided to take my wheelchair just in case we had another situation where I needed to be at the pharmacy desk sorting things out. Plus we wanted to go to Earth Fare afterward to stock up on popcorn.

We wheeled to the pharmacy counter and checked in. We apparently just beat the rush because by the time the woman was done checking us in, there were three more people waiting for help and people just kept coming!

Veronica checking into the pharmacy wearing a navy and purple bohemian dress in her wheelchair with Hestia (a black and white Japanese Chin) on her lap.

Luckily this time there was no issue with insurance, yay! So while we waited for the pharmacist to be ready, we snapped some pictures of Brad’s snazzy outfit. He was wearing pink pants with black plaid stripes, a pink shirt, a purple blazer, a pink and purple scarf, a pink peacock pin, a pink hat, and rainbow shoes.

We also did a little photo shoot of Hestia, too! She was wearing her purple service harness and looking very regal. I had a bit of anxiety, and Brad also got some shots of her helping me through it by licking my arm intently.

When it was time for our shots, we couldn’t fit both of us into the shot-giving room, so we weren’t able to take pictures of each other getting our flu shots. Brad did get one picture of the needle in his arm, though.

Our shots were over quickly and easily, and we spent a little time in the store looking at candy and Halloween items. In the end, I got $5 of sour gummies, but Brad didn’t spend his gift card yet.

Next we headed over to Earth Fare. It is only about a block away, and I didn’t feel like loading and unloading my wheelchair just for a block. So Hestia and I zipped over in my chair! It was really fun feeling the wind on our faces and in our hair and we zoomed down the sidewalk. We almost beat Brad, too! The lights weren’t in our favor, though, and he got the green light to turn down the street before we could get across it.

We didn’t spend long in Earth Fare. We basically had to get just a few items like popcorn and chocolate. Brad and I split up in the store and did our own things, then came back together to pay.

Then we got back in our van and headed home. It was a productive trip, and we were very happy to finally get our flu shots!!!

All the pictures Brad took are below. Enjoy!

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