Scouting Cherry Park

This past Sunday, the day before Hestia’s 8th birthday, we did both something fun for her birthday and got some preparations done for an event coming up.

This coming Saturday is the NAMI walk. Brad has been asked to be the photographer for the event! So he wanted to go to Cherry Park where the walk will be held and see where the sun is at that time of the morning and plan out his camera settings etc.

Hestia loves Cherry Park! We used to go there almost every morning and walk the 45-min loop around the park before my hips got too bad. We haven’t been there in a few years, though.

This time I brought my new wheelchair so Brad and I could go on the loop! We first spent some time near the gazebo taking beauty shots (and checking all of Brad’s settings). Then we set off for our walk. I decided to try having both girls on the ground walking, and while it was difficult to manage safely, they were having such a good time that it was worth it!

The girls walked about 3/4 of the way around the loop. Hestia was done walking first, and not too long afterward Alice was done, too. So I popped them in my lap for the last bit.

Brad got several pictures of us walking, and I got a few of him, too! In the pictures, I am wearing a blue and brown top with coffee colored leggings and a red coat in my Whill wheelchair. Alice and Hestia are Japanese Chin wearing pink shirts and pink plaid harnesses. Brad is wearing white pants with black stripes a red and white striped shirt, an ivory coat, an ivory tie, and a white hat with black stripes.

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