Staphing problems

Yesterday afternoon Hestia had to go to the vet. We brought the whole family just for fun! Our normal vet is out of the office this week at a conference, so we had an appointment with her relief vet that she had hired to fill in.

Last week it looked to us like Hestia’s Staph infection returned, so vet time it was!

I brought the girls in their new bat harnesses that our friend Sabrina got them. In the waiting room (where Brad got lots of pictures!), they were a big hit! Everyone was delighted to see them and comment on how spoiled the girls must be, having their own photographer and all!

Eventually it was time to go back to the exam room. The vet tech did Hestia’s initial exam. Poor princess was so humiliated! I had to hold her on her back and spread her legs apart so she could see the rash. Then she had to take Hestia’s temperature! Brad got pictures of all these very embarrassing things. Hestia was not amused! It’s a good thing she doesn’t understand the internet LOL!

Alice kept trying to climb in my lap while Hestia was being examined—I think she was nervous it would be her turn next!

The vet tech was very nice—she’s seen the girls before and likes them a lot. We like her, too!

Then she left, and Brad amused himself by taking lots more pictures. Some of the best ones are taken from above with me and the girls smiling into the camera.

Then the vet came in and she was extremely nice! We liked her a lot. She said it was definitely another Staph infection. She didn’t hear Hestia’s heart murmur at all, which was great news!!!

She gave us some antibiotics to clear up the infection. We also talked about preventative care. They did have an antibacterial mousse, but it had fragrance in it, so we couldn’t get it. The vet said that the best thing we can do is keep her stomach area clean. We are supposed to get unscented baby wipes and wipe her at least once a day at night. She said it’d be better to do it every time she went outside, but doing it after long walks and before bed would be sufficient. She wanted me to use baby wipes and not a towel as towels can harbor bacteria. So now I have baby wipes on the list for my next Walmart pickup sometime this week.

Even though Brad and I loved the vet and the vet tech, the girls were happy when we left. They don’t think as highly of this vet as we do LOL! The vet tech was happy to hear that Alice will be coming back in a few weeks for her rabies shot, so she’ll get to see them again soon!

All the pictures are below. In them, I am a round white woman wearing an orange and teal Bohemian off-shoulder dress. Hestia is black and white, and Alice is sable and white. Both are Japanese Chin wearing black wing harnesses. The white vet tech is wearing purple scrubs and the black vet is wearing blue scrubs and a white cardigan that seems like a lab coat in this context. The whole time Hestia is being examined, she’s staring at us!

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