Cardiac case closed

Today I went to see my cardiologist. We did a CT scan a few weeks ago as the last test to see if something actually is wrong with my heart or not, and today I got the results.

I brought Alice with me, as she has been with me to most of my cardiologist appointments and done well. Brad came, too!

In the waiting room, Brad passed the time by taking lots of pictures. He took some of Alice and me, and others of various things in the waiting room—including a bible on the table for some reason! What an odd place for a bible!

When it was our turn to go back to the room, the nurse was very nice. She commented on how cute and well-behaved Alice was several times, and then started taking my blood pressure and so on. As she was nearing being done, she decided I needed to hear a really gruesome story about how her dog had passed away. I will never understand why people think that service dog handlers want to hear all about everyone’s dead animals! And especially with really triggering stories! Luckily I was not triggered, but I know many people who would have had a really hard time with her story. No dead dog stories, please!

Brad continued taking pictures until my cardiologist came into the room. He told me that my CT scan was fine, and I am all cleared in regards to my heart! Yay! My cardiac case is closed! He also commented on how cute and well behaved Alice was.

Unbeknownst to them, Alice was not actually doing that great. She was panting a lot and not totally comfortable, even though she was in her pouch where she likes to be. I think it’s because she’s going to go into heat soon—it’s making her extra sensitive.

The pictures Brad got are below. In them, I am a round woman wearing an orange and teal Bohemian off-shoulder dress. Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple vest and in a rainbow pouch. Brad is wearing yellow pants, a green shirt, a black blazer, yellow scarf, yellow bowtie, yellow and black hat, and black shoes with golden bees and spikes on them. As usual, Brad asked the doctor in a lab coat and scrubs whether he was okay being in pictures. He was very happy Brad asked, and fine being in some of the pictures.

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