Wheelchair parking

Today we had a very busy day, with three stops! We started out going to my GP to get forms filled out for a handicapped parking placard for me. I took my wheelchair and had Alice on my lap. Brad got a picture of us heading inside, and then making our way to the waiting area. I am wearing a new blue dress with a chiffon blue with pink flowers shawl type thing on top. Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a green harness.

While we were waiting to be called back, we had a little photo shoot! Brad got a dreamy photo of Alice and me, and I got some of him in his very exciting outfit! He wore orange pants, a pink blazer with black and silver sequins, a blue shirt, an orange bowtie, dark brown and orange hat, green scarf, and a cobra brooch.

Luckily the exam rooms are big because we had to fit both wheelchairs in! That required some expert backing up on my part and Brad’s. Brad got pics of me backing up, and one of me talking with the nurse. He also got a shot of the biohazard bin that he enhanced with sparkles.

While we were waiting for the doctor to come in, Alice was especially cute so Brad got some pictures! These are the last pictures that we got for our outing, so linger on them before reading the rest, since Alice looks so beautiful in them!

Speaking of Alice, she was perfect the whole appointment! She just hung out on my lap and observed everything happening around her like she likes to do.

The doctor came in and we talked quickly about how I’ve been doing seeing the various specialists, then she signed my form. Yay!

Next we headed to the hotel where the PSDP convention will be held. We wanted to check out the outdoor spaces since COVID is still a thing and we’ll want to be outside whenever possible.

The first space we checked out was the patio next to the lobby. It has two entrances—one from the front of the hotel, and one from the inside of the hotel. The front of the hotel entrance is not quite accessible! It has a path with no steps, but the path is just not quite wide enough for a wheelchair and is surrounded by pointy rocks. Brad attempted it anyway, as you can see in our video!

Next we headed inside, but found that the room we’re going to be using was already in use today so we couldn’t go in. We did get to look at the back patio behind that room, though! We got a little video with a lot of traffic noise.

But the funniest video of the day is definitely the one of the parking lot! We wanted to see if there was a place to park a trailer, so we videotaped from the dog potty area all the way around the parking lot. The only bad thing is I thought Brad wanted to race me so I was zooming ahead calling him a slowpoke when he was going more slowly on purpose to narrate the video LOL! That’s what happens when I can’t hear him!

After taking all our videos, we next had to head over to do our grocery pickup. Alice had been great all day, but I think she had enough by this time. She was shaking a little in the car on the way over to the grocery store. Since the guys would have to load the groceries into the main part of the van (my wheelchair took up the trunk), I didn’t want her to get a bad experience from them. So I brought her up into my lap where she was mostly calm the rest of the time.

We got groceries and finally made it home, exhausted! What a day!

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