LMNO doctor 2

Today we went to the PEE doctor! That’s the urologist for those of you who don’t speak Veronica.

I took Alice with us, and she was so good on the ride down! It was a 40 minute drive to the doctor, and Alice stayed happy and quiet in the backseat of our van (which is really far away from us due to the wheelchair space) for the entire ride.

We arrived at the building, which is a two-level building with entrances on both sides (lower level one side, upper level other side—the building is on a hill). We didn’t know which office my doctor was in, so we parked at the lower level and went in. Sure enough, my doctor was not on this level. Also sure enough, there was no elevator! To get to the upper level, we had to go outside and walk all the way around the outside of the building to get to the second floor entrance.

When we got in the building, I had to use the bathroom but the women’s room was locked! I really had to go, so I used the men’s room (the door locked and there was just a toilet and a sink in one locked room).

Then we headed to the office. I had Alice pouched, so the receptionist was able to see her clearly and was enthralled with how cute she is! I got checked in, then went to sit in the waiting room. Brad took a few pictures of Alice and me in the waiting room. I am wearing a pink and orange floral dress with an orange mask and a teal butterfly in my hair. Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a green harness in a rainbow service dog pouch.

After a short wait, we were called back and they asked me for a urine sample! Oops! I had just gone! So they gave me a bottle of water to chug and said we’d do that after I talked with the doctor.

The nurse who checked me in was super sweet and really easy to get along with. She took my vitals and did a few screenings. She complimented how calm and well behaved Alice was. Brad got a picture of her taking my blood pressure, and me talking to her.

When she left, Brad got a cool shot of me in the mirror, and I got some pictures of him in his new maroon shirt with red and white striped blazer, blue and green scarf, Blue Marlin pin, and green hat.

When the doctor came in, he was very nice. We talked about my incontinence problems, and the medication I’ve been on for a while but that has stopped working. He said he is not an incontinence specialist—another doctor there is. So he wants me to see her in two months. In the meantime, he gave me a new medication to try that will hopefully help. If it doesn’t, the other doctor can talk with me about Botox in my bladder or an implanted device to help. He was a really nice and very helpful doctor. And he goes by “Dr. V”, like me!

Afterwards I finally was able to give my pee sample! Then I checked out (Brad got a picture and added in purple explosions emanating from me) and we went outside.

I was wearing a new dress from the Amazon review program we’re a part of, so I took my pouch and purse off, and Alice and I had a little photo shoot! We posed together in traditional ways, and then we wanted to get a photo of the back of the dress so she peeked over my shoulder for that one!

I am very happy with how well Alice did, and with my new medication and direction for treatment. And with Brad’s photos!

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