Is it teal? Is it green?

My sister gave me some money for my birthday and I spent it on new harnesses for the girls! I got the same style that they have now (which I LOVE), but in a different color.

Here is the harness style:

I had purple, and this time I ordered teal! I also ordered the fancy rubber patches since they had a special deal on them.

Apparently the colors on screen are quite different from the colors in person. The purple is a little bit different, but the teal is way different! I got the harnesses today and the teal looks to me like Kelly green!

I think I’ll keep them still, as they are a nice color and they will match PSDP colors. I still need to get them in hot pink LOL!

I took the pups out in the yard to model their new harnesses for y’all. Below are the pictures. What do you think about their looks and which color they are? I’m thinking since they’ll still wear the purple harnesses more often, I’ll put the fancy rubber patches on the purple ones.

In the pictures, Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin. Hestia is a small black and white Japanese Chin. They are wearing teal?/green? harnesses with rubber service dog patches on them. They are sitting and standing in the yard.

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