I’m the answer to life, the universe, and everything

(Pictures below.) Today is my 42nd birthday! In Douglas Adams’ works, 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything. So this year, that’s me! Maybe next year, I’ll figure out the question LOL!

I’ve had a pretty good day! I started off the day by visiting Starbucks for my free birthday coffee! I decided to only take Alice so I could work on her walking in a restaurant, which she has never done before. Unfortunately that Starbucks location has now switched to a drive-through or walk-up location only. Apparently a new hotel is going in that will eat up most of their parking lot, so they can’t have customers inside the store. I don’t think they’re planning to close the outdoor area, though, so that’s good at least.

Alice walked almost all the way up to the door where we picked up our drink. Then she got worried about something and didn’t want to walk anymore. And I had to pick up coffee! Walking a dog and holding a hot coffee in your hand at the same time is really challenging, so I didn’t push it today. I just picked up Alice and picked up the coffee and made our way to a table.

Alice had a hard time a little bit remembering that she was supposed to stay lying down on my lap while I was drinking my coffee. I had to keep repositioning her, and even got out some chicken to reward her for staying lying down. Eventually she got it, though, and I snapped a picture. Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple harness on my lap covered in mint green dress material.

After I had my coffee, we headed back home. While Brad was getting ready for the day, I did a whole bunch of PSDP calls, and talked with a few friends.

Luckily the rain held off and it was still a really nice 80 degree day by the time we planned to leave to get lunch! It was overcast, so it wasn’t too hot or anything—really pleasant weather!

We headed to a new restaurant called Dosa n’ More. Dosas are my absolute favorite type of food. They are a South Indian dish which is a giant savory crepe-like thing made out of lentil and rice flour and filled with spiced veggies. It’s pretty hard to find them in restaurants because the batter has to be fermented beforehand. And they’re not generally super well known in the US. So we were very excited when a dosa restaurant opened up just 15–20 min away from us!

I am always nervous walking into ethnic restaurants and shops for the first time because many times they don’t know service dog laws. But we were welcomed with a smile when we walked into Dosa n’ More! Brad thinks that the person behind the counter might have also worked at another local Indian restaurant we visit occasionally, and that he might have remembered us.

We placed our order, then went outside to their picnic table to eat. We are still only eating outside due to COVID. We could have taken the dosa home, but they tend to get soggy in take-out boxes, so we were happy we were able to eat there in the nice weather.

Brad got several pictures of us (and I got a few of Brad) before our food came out. Then we got some pictures of our food, and Brad had to get some of me enjoying my meal!

I had the dabbang dosa, and Brad had a rice dish. My food was good! Not the best dosa I’ve ever had, but a pretty darn good one. I think we will be back for sure!

And Alice was quite good! She remembered to stay lying down more than she did this morning. I often had to keep a hand resting on her to remind her to stay down, but a few times I was able to use both hands to eat and she only got up once the whole meal! Practice is really important. At least that’s what I’m telling Brad LOL!

I think it was easier on her at the dosa restaurant because there was actual food on the table. I think at Starbucks it’s harder because I just have a drink and she doesn’t understand why she has to stay down for a drink.

I finished my whole dosa—I was hungry and they are super tasty! But I didn’t finish all of my lentil soup as it wasn’t super tasty.

Hestia was happy to see us when we got home, and after doing more PSDP work, I plan to try to spend the rest of my day relaxing!

Pictures are below, enjoy! In them I have short brown curly hair with a purple butterfly in it. I am wearing a mint green dress. Alice is standing in my lap or on my arm when there’s no food on the table, and when there is food on the table, she’s lying on my lap. Brad is wearing black pants, a black shirt, a pink blazer, a pink bow tie, a pink hat, a light pink and dark green scarf, and a brooch with a black cat with wings.

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