Hestia and the hippie

Today I had my first real appointment with the physical therapist (as opposed to the last one, which was just an assessment). My rheumatologist sent me to get exercises I could do at home to strengthen my hips.

I took Hestia since I knew I’d need to be concentrating on learning the exercises, and not on training a dog. Hestia was great!!!

I put Hestia at the foot of the table I was lying on to learn the exercises, and she just hung out (while dodging my moving feet!).

The physical therapist was really nice and taught me the exercises well. She said my hips are very weak. She also said Hestia was doing such a good job!

At one point, I had to stand in front of the table with my hands on the table, and the table needed to be raised up higher. So Hestia just stood there on the table while the physical therapist cranked the table up to a really high height (counter level)! Hestia was totally cool with it.

On the way out, I had to stop and make an appointment for three weeks from now to check-in about my progress and get some new exercises. There was an older lady in the waiting room (and a few other women) and the older lady kept talking to Hestia and making kissy noises while I was at the counter making my appointment. Hestia just sat next to me facing behind me and ignored the lady. I was so proud!

When we turned around to leave, the lady said that Hestia had made her day. So at least I was able to bring a little joy to someone—and I didn’t even have to interact with them at all LOL!

Now I am home and my hips are very sore. I will be resting today for sure.

Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture, so you’ll have to imagine Hestia being an empress on a physical therapy table!

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