Alice is a heart dog

Today we met with my cardiologist. I took Alice in her pouch, as she is only just learning about walking inside of medical offices and this one’s busy. She was perfect! She was 100% comfortable at all times. She hung out in her pouch, leaned into me when I was feeling a little anxious, and was so stinking cute that pretty much everyone who saw us smiled and/or commented on her cuteness.

When the nurse was taking my blood pressure in the exam room, she even remarked about how calm and well behaved Alice was!

When the doctor came in, he had good news! My stress test showed that my heart was functioning normally! He said that was all, so we got up to get ready to go… Then Brad asked him what that meant about my shortness of breath.

So the doctor came back in the room and asked me more details about my shortness of breath. I explained to him that walking across parking lots makes me breathe heavily. So he said just to be safe we should do a CT scan.

While I’m glad to be “better safe than sorry”, I also don’t really feel like doing more tests and more doctor appointments! Oh well.

We had our favorite receptionist make the appointments with me, and she also took care of some improper billing (they forgot to bill my insurance again—this is the second time it’s happened to me and it also happened to Brad). Luckily once this woman gets a hold of it, the problem is always solved.

So overall it was a fine visit, and I am very proud of Alice for being so comfortable and charming everyone!

I forgot to get pictures in the building, so Brad took one of Alice and me outside with their sign. It says Carolina Vascular Surgical Associates. I am wearing my pink Boho dress with a pink butterfly in my hair. Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin in a rainbow pouch.

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