Quick PT assessment

Today I met with a physical therapist about my hips.

The appointment was originally for yesterday afternoon, but there was some issue with their system, so it got moved to this morning at 9AM. I don’t know what I was thinking making an appointment for that early because normally I wake up between 7:30-8:30 and I always forget how much stuff I have to do in the morning (get ready, eat, feed dogs, walk dogs, check my email).

So I set my alarm for 8 not remembering that I needed to factor in the time to actually make it to the office! Everything was going well until while I was feeding the dogs, I realized I needed to leave 7 minutes earlier than I had planned in order to get to the office by 9. Yikes! So I sped through everything including really cutting the dogs’ walk short. Then I realized I needed to get the trash out!!!

So it wasn’t until 8:57 that I left our house and sped over to the PT office. I got there only a few minutes late, and they didn’t mind so that was good.

Even though it’s the same office, I saw a different PT than I saw last time I was there for my foot. She was very abrupt and no-nonsense. She reminded me of one of my favorite dog trainers who just said what needed to be said and didn’t add in a lot of fluff. Luckily I like that kind of person!

Luckily she was fine with me having Hestia there, and had me just leave Hestia on the padded exam table while she assessed me. She said my hips and abs are very weak. Because of my insurance, she couldn’t tell me what exercises to start with just yet. That has to be approved first. Since I want to mainly learn exercises to do at home, she said we’d meet once insurance approves it and she’d teach me the exercises. Then several weeks later, we’d meet again to make sure I was doing OK with the exercises. That sounds very good to me and just what I wanted!

I was so proud of Hestia. We were moving really quickly on and off the exam table and doing all sorts of strange stuff on the exam table right next to her. She just hung out at the end of the table watching like it was all no big deal. She’s such a pro!

On my way out, I saw my old PT and we chatted for a minute about Hestia and Alice. It was good to see her! She said I was walking much better, which is nice to hear.

I had to stand for several minutes in line to check out, and by then my hips were really screaming with all the moving around we did for the evaluation plus standing for so long.

Now I’m home and I’ll be icing and red-light-ing my hips!

Enjoy this selfie I took of Hestia and I outside of the PT office! In it I’m wearing a blue mask and Hestia is a black and white Japanese Chin.

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