My favorite phlebotomist

Today I had to go get some blood drawn to test me for things to make sure I can take my infusion. The phlebotomist in my rheumatologist’s office was out yesterday, so they gave me orders to take to my local Labcorp.

I decided to take Alice since I had taken Hestia to the rheumatologist yesterday.

When it was our turn to hand in my paperwork to the receptionist (who has been nasty to me before because of my service dog), she made a sour face but didn’t say anything. Yay, an improvement!

As I was waiting my turn, I noticed my favorite local phlebotomist was working! She used to draw my blood at my old doctor’s office, and has drawn it once when she was filling in for the regular phlebotomist at my new doctor’s office. She is FANTASTIC! She always does a good job and she is great about service dogs.

As luck would have it, I got her to draw my blood today! We had a nice little chat, catching up on all that’s happened since we last saw her. She was excited to hear about the PSDP convention, and sad that she missed seeing one of Brad’s outfits (it was too early in the morning for Brad to come with me).

Alice did great with my blood draw! She just chilled out in the pouch, 100% comfortable. She didn’t even try to sniff or anything!

Afterward, we headed over to the physical therapist to drop off my PT order from my rheumatologist. Alice was great there, too. It was just a quick in and out, but still Alice is really getting to be so comfortable doing things.

I snapped a quick selfie in the waiting room– sorry the light is behind me so the picture isn’t that great! I have medium length brown hair and am wearing a mint green dress with a purple butterfly in my hair and pastel rainbow mask. Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin in a rainbow pouch. She is looking almost regal in this pic!

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