We’ve got news!

Yesterday two people from a local news station, CN2, came to interview Brad and me about my need for a wheelchair.

They spent 1.5 hours at our house and we had a really good time talking with them! We told them all about me, the organizations I volunteer for, and how my disabilities are progressing. The dogs did some tricks for their B-roll footage, which the pups really enjoyed because I gave them freeze dried chicken! We also got some video of Brad pulling me in a wheelchair train.

Today the video was posted on their website and aired on the news! Below is a link to the segment. I hope you enjoy watching it!


Below is a screenshot from the video. In it, Brad is dressed in a variety of blue shades and sitting in his power wheelchair. Using a hooked umbrella, he is towing Veronica in a pink dress sitting in a manual wheelchair. Veronica has Alice in a rainbow pouch on her chest.

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