Wheelchair train

Let me tell you about a wheelchair train, and why it’s a really cool stopgap, but doesn’t work as well for me anymore.

First, thanks to everyone who donated so far! We’re 24% of the way to my goal! I really appreciate all the donations that have come in.

A wheelchair train is when a power wheelchair user tows a manual wheelchair user behind them. When Brad and I do this, we use an umbrella hooked around Brad’s headrest, and I hold onto it. Here’s a link to a fun video that shows us doing this:

Using the wheelchair train helped me be able to spend 2.5 hours at Pride recently! (Do you like my fairy outfit?)

It was great being able to be out and about for that long without my hips or foot hurting. My hands, however, weren’t as happy. I pushed myself a little on flat ground, and whenever possible used the umbrella to make a wheelchair train with Brad. But even holding onto the umbrella hurts my hands after a while.

Plus the wheelchair train isn’t exactly safe LOL! Nor does it let Brad or me be independent.

Please donate or share my fundraiser to help me get a portable power wheelchair and regain my freedom!


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