Voting, UPS, and Tai Chi

Today has been a busy day! We had a runoff for our primary elections, so we headed out in the morning to vote! We love voting!

The people working the polls were super nice again. We were there during their busiest time all day—there were 5 people there voting at the same time. It’s sad how few people vote!

The poll workers really loved Brad’s outfit, and one told me he should be a model! Another one was asking Brad how long he’d been in his wheelchair. She was expressing condolences to him for being in his chair for a number of years, so Brad got to educate her about how wheelchairs are freedom, not something to fear or feel badly about. He was able to tell her about how the term wheelchair bound isn’t a great term to use, as well. On our way out, the one who made the model comment stopped us to ask us how she could support a friend of hers who is a recent amputee. We were happy to share some advice.

Alice was excellent at the voting place. She just hung out in the pouch and watched everything.

Next we headed to the UPS store to do a couple of Amazon returns. I decided to walk Alice in this store and work on approaching counters. She has an issue approaching counters for some reason. Brad handled the return while I trained. Then we hung out in the store a little more and did some extra training while Brad got pictures!

Alice did a very good job heeling in the store and she even got really close to some of the counters! At first she wanted to hang back pretty far from them, but we gradually walked closer and closer and she was excellent! We only stayed about 5 minutes in the store for a short and sweet training session.

When I got home, I had to rush around a little bit to get ready for Tai Chi. Unfortunately since I had been out to vote and the UPS store, my hips and feet already hurt. So I had to do about half of the class sitting down. At least I went, though!

Below are the pictures Brad took of Alice and me in the UPS store. Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple harness. I have medium brown curly hair and am wearing a dress with blue and orange mandalas on it. Alice is heeling or approaching various counters in the pictures.

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