Hestia wasn’t the only surprise at my appointment!

Today I had my echocardiogram. I took Hestia with me, but she wasn’t the only surprise for the echocardiologist!

We showed up and I sat down in the waiting room with Hestia on my lap. When my name was called, I went to the door. The echocardiologist asked if I was with Brad (whom I had been next to). I said yes, and he asked if Brad could hold “the pet”. I told him Hestia was my service dog and she goes everywhere with me. He didn’t seem happy about it, but he just turned around and had me follow him to the room.

When we got in, he said I’d need to change, so I asked if there was anything to change into. Now I should say that I don’t own any button down shirts or dresses. So I was wearing a dress that goes over my head. He said there wasn’t anything to change into, so I just whipped my dress off.

When I get it over my head, I see him looking like he is in shock, holding up a towel to block my boobs! I apologized and told him that I’m not shy about my body. I think he was pretty surprised!

I got on the table and put Hestia behind my knees as I had to lie on my side. She just hung out there the whole time.

The test was very quick. I was probably back there about 10 minutes tops. Hestia was perfect the whole time.

When I was done, the echocardiologist complimented me on Hestia’s behavior and said she’s a very well behaved dog! He was smiling, so I think he got over being upset about having her with me. But Hestia and my boobs were definitely two big surprises for him!

It was such a short trip that we were home less than 45 minutes after we left!

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