Sleep study

Last night I had my sleep study. I fed Alice around 5 so she’d have a chance to eliminate out all the water from her food before we went in.

I had planned to make my smoothie at 7 so I could eat and take my meds before going in (normally I do my smoothie and meds at 10PM). However, we had a HUGE storm with lots of hail and rain and everything and our power went out at 6! By 7 it still wasn’t back on so instead I ate some peanut butter with maple syrup (I have to eat 350 calories with my meds). As I was getting ready to leave at 7:15, the power came back on! Bummer, I could have had my smoothie in a rush probably!

Alice and I got to the sleep center at 7:45 and I took her out to potty. Then we went in the building. The tech was a little confused about why I needed Alice and in fact why I was even having the sleep study, but with a little conversation we worked everything out.

She said I could take Alice out as late at 10:30, but the rules were that no one should be leaving after 10:30 to go outside. There was no problem with me taking her out with all the gear on– I would just have to be unhooked.

There was only one tech there for the three people doing the sleep study, so instead of going through the hassle of going out with all the gear on, the tech decided to put on my gear last. That way I could take Alice out one more time right before getting set up.

So I took Alice out at 9:15, and the tech came in at 9:30 to wire me up. She had no problem with Alice sitting on the bed next to me while I was wired up. So I didn’t need the carrier I brought just in case! Luckily the tech liked Alice a lot, and Alice liked her, too. The only time the tech wasn’t really happy about Alice being there was when she was asking me what Alice would do if the tech came in during the night. She wanted to be sure Alice wouldn’t bite her! I told her that would definitely not happen!!!

I had wires all over my face, two things in my nose, and wires around my scalp in my hair. They also put wires on my chest and even on my legs! It was really hard to get to sleep with all that gear on! I didn’t sleep too much, so I hope they got the data they needed.

Alice was great for the whole thing! She was totally comfortable going into the sleep center, she looked a little worried when they were wiring me up but not too bad, and then she just curled up next to my legs and slept the night away! She did look at us askance in the morning at 5AM when the tech came in to wake us up, though LOL! She wanted to sleep longer– and so did I!

Unfortunately it appears that my face has reacted a bit with some of the glue on the tape. So it was painful getting it off.

When we got home, Hestia was VERY happy to see me! I realized last night at the sleep study it was the first night we’d ever spent apart! That made me cry for a while during the sleep study 🙁 But all was better when I saw my little Hestia again!

I went back to bed for about two hours, then Hestia was awake and demanding breakfast LOL!

I managed to get a quick selfie of me with the gear on and Alice last night before I had to lie down and turn out the light. Enjoy cyborg-Veronica LOL!

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