Update: a wheelchair means freedom for Veronica

Thank you to everyone who has donated, shared my fundraiser, and given me advice on how to manage my pain! We’ve raised 8% of the goal already. A lot of you are really interested in me having an all-fronts approach to my arthritis, so this is an update on a few things I’ve been doing!


I’ve been taking as much of the advice as I can. This includes treatments while sitting, exercising, supplements and diet, and renting a wheelchair for my nonprofit work until I can afford one with your help. Details below!

I am using infrared light on my joints, as well as heat and cold therapy. I have learned that my hands hurt more with cold therapy or compression gloves. My other joints appear to be not affected or mildly helped by the cold. Heat therapy feels good overall, but I’m trying to use it sparingly as it may harm already inflamed joints. I’m trying out air compression sleeves on my lower legs, lent to me by a great friend.

I started taking a free online Tai Chi class to strengthen my muscles and joints. It is going pretty well, though I am very sore at the end of it!

I have added a glucosamine supplement to my daily medications to take in addition to the Celebrex my doctor prescribed me for pain. And I am drinking golden milk (a turmeric spiced warm milk) every day, plus eating simple, whole foods regularly and consuming superfood and vitamin supplements.

Even with all these additions, I will still need a portable power wheelchair. I really want to keep doing my volunteer work for nonprofits—and to enjoy all the things I used to enjoy in life!

Please *share* my fundraiser, and if you can, donate! Thank you!

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