“I donut like this”

Alice got a donut from the Amazon review program. Not a donut to eat! She would love that! But a donut patterned anti-self-licking donut to wear around her neck.

We figure she’ll have to wear a cone or collar sometime whenever she gets spayed. So when one came up in her size that was super cute, we ordered it. For those who cannot see it in the pictures, it looks like a chocolate donut with orange frosting and multicolored sprinkles.

Alice says “I donut like this”!

I put it on her and she “statued”. This means she was a statue and didn’t move at all. I will definitely have to do some desensitization training to get her used to wearing it! But she looked so hilarious wearing it! Hilariously grumpy! Enjoy the two pics I got of little Alice being a grumpy donut statue!

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