Alice’s new outfits: work/play balance 2

Today Alice got two new outfits in the mail! One is her new service dog harness and the other is a dress from the Amazon review program.

I’ve been wanting to get Alice a service dog harness that actually fits her for a while now. She’s been wearing one that I thought she’d grow into but never has. I found one that is the same style as her favorite walking harness which wraps around her body and Velcros on her back, then has a clasp over top of the velcro for security. It is purple mesh so it should keep her cool. And best of all, it comes in her size! I think I like it enough that I need to get Hestia a matching one 🙂

Now keep in mind when looking at the pictures that we just got back from the vet and it was really hot and extremely humid out. So Alice is not enjoying being a model!

The dress from the Amazon review program is a schoolgirl’s dress. It has a white blouse and a black and white with red accents plaid jumper with a skirt and straps that go over Alice’s shoulders. It even comes with a matching leash. Alice doesn’t seem to mind wearing it, though again she’d rather not be outside in the heat and humidity for the pictures!

More about the vet visit in my next post!

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